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Book 1 of the Riftgate Odyssey

Every myth is real.

Every legend is true.

The answers lie ... beyond the riftgate.

But Jane Baker doesn’t want answers, she wants ice-cream.

She doesn’t want friends or adventures, she wants to be alone.

She doesn’t want to be the most hunted person in a parallel world, or caught in a twisting web of secrets and treachery, but then again, when has Jane ever got what she wanted?

Never, that’s when.

Now, thrown together with a bizarre assortment of allies, Jane must nurture a strength within herself that she never knew existed. For the fate of a world has come to rest on her shoulders, and saving it will require more than epic quests and deadly conflict, it will require her to confront a lie that has defined her life, and embrace a truth that will shake the foundations of the universe...


Book 2 of the Riftgate Odyssey

Jane Baker has been kidnapped, hunted and attacked. She’s battled through fire and blood and uncovered shocking truths about her past. What she needs is a hot shower and a long rest.

But Jane cannot rest.

Not while millions of lives depend on her.

Not while an ancient corruption is spreading across the lands. A corruption with mysterious links to Jane herself...

Not when the man who was supposed to be her saviour has turned out to be a total jerk!

No. Jane cannot rest. Instead, she must unlock new levels of strength, as she travels across a kingdom torn apart by murder and betrayal.

The journey will be perilous. Jane’s enemies are powerful and cunning.

But Jane is about to discover that assassins and monsters are a walk in the park compared to the most hostile and treacherous creatures of all...

Her family.


Book 3 of the Riftgate Odyssey

The clock is ticking.

The door is locked.

And the key is lost.


Was it all for nothing?

Have Jane and her companions endured suffering and loss, only for their true enemy to escape?

Did those who lie amongst the leaf litter of the Riftwood give their lives in vain?

There is no time for Jane to contemplate these questions, for the sadistic usurper who sits upon the throne moves to crush his weakened opposition, and the barbarian army, though driven back and scattered, will not remain leaderless for long.

The greatest threat, however, is unseen and unreachable...

On the other side of the riftgate, a twisted abomination seeks to free an ancient evil. Jane does not fully understand the connection between herself and this unknown enemy, but it is clear that if the servant is not stopped, if the gods of legend are freed ... then all life, on every world in every universe will face utter annihilation.

Coming Q4 2022
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Book no.2
Book no.3
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